Top Fiction Movies Of 2017

admin February 9, 2018 Views 40

Despite people being in the real world, they want to get away from the dreadful truth sometimes and immerse themselves with something not true, or fiction just to fantasize and help them cope up. That is why 2017 released a lot of great fiction movies that you shouldn’t certainly miss or else you missed a lot of things. Here are some of the best ones that I recommend.

Fictional Movies You Can Watch

  • Beauty And The Beast – A Disney-inspired movie and as much as possible, they wanted to make a fantasy look like real-life. With Emma Watson as Belle, you can never go wrong to watch how she bewitches other people with her acting skills.
  • Fifty Shades Darker – People who enjoy sadist-masochist relationship would love the story of these two as they continue their unusual type of relationship with the 2nd of their 3 movies. What act would Anastasia and Christian Gray would do this time?

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them – people might say that monsters are something scary and shouldn’t be associated with. But, Newt Scamander says otherwise as he kept all of them as his friends and place them on a safe place hidden inside his briefcase.